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To schedule an appointment please email

or call JoAnn Koloc

at 612-335-3232


DeSmidt Rabuse PLLC

900 IDS Center

80 South 8th Street

Minneapolis, MN  55402


There is ample parking all around the IDS. The most convenient ramp is the IDS Center ramp with the entrance located between 7th Street and 8th Street off Marquette Avenue.  Another convenient ramp is the Target ramp with the entrance on LaSalle Avenue between 10th Street and 9th Street. 

Adoption  |  Appeals  |   Family  |  Fertility  |  Juvenile  | Dispute Resolution

 DeSmidt Rabuse PLLC   |   900 IDS Center   |   80 South 8th Street    |    Minneapolis, MN  55402

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