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Jody Ollyver DeSmidt

DeSmidt Rabuse PLLC

900 IDS Center

80 South 8th Street

Minneapolis, MN  55402

DeSmidt Rabuse PLLC is a downtown Minneapolis family law firm dedicated to effectively and efficiently representing individuals in all aspects of family law. Jody Ollyver DeSmidt and Nathalie S. Rabuse are experienced attorneys uniquely qualified to handle complex legal issues related to family, adoption, juvenile, appeals, and assisted reproductive technology law matters. DeSmidt Rabuse PLLC also provides alternative dispute resolution and parenting consultant services. Jody Ollyver DeSmidt and Nathalie S. Rabuse are considered leaders and experts in their field, respected by clients and legal professionals alike for their ability to achieve results and navigate the family law process. To better serve you, Jody Ollyver DeSmidt and Nathalie S. Rabuse are dedicated to taking the time to listen to you, as well as identify and understand your needs. The goal of DeSmidt Rabuse PLLC is to achieve an outcome that is in your best interests. Whether your case results in a negotiated settlement or your case proceeds to trial, you can rest easy with our experienced attorneys at your side. Please contact us today at 612-335-3232 to schedule an appointment.

Nathalie S. Rabuse

Adoption  |  Appeals  |   Family  |  Fertility  |  Juvenile  | Dispute Resolution

 DeSmidt Rabuse PLLC   |   900 IDS Center   |   80 South 8th Street    |    Minneapolis, MN  55402

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