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Reasons for requiring supervised visitation of children

Minnesota courts will always honor the best interests of your children in any child custody and child visitation matter. However, what happens if the court's wish for your children to spend time with both parents, and its wish to keep your children safe, seem to disagree?

Strategies for stopping domestic violence in your community

Many domestic violence victims do not know how to put a stop to their abuse. They feel helpless; worse, they might even feel that they deserve to be abused. Once a domestic violence victim wakes up to his or her power, however, seeking legal protection and making the abuse stop is not entirely difficult. Also, there are specific things that community members can do to help reduce instances of domestic violence in their cities.

Divorce, two homes and helping your children adjust

Adjusting to life after divorce is a learning experience for everyone in the family. Explaining the whole situation to your children in a way that they will understand is probably the first challenge you will face, closely followed by helping them make the transition between two homes.

A new trend in desserts: Divorce cakes

There's a new trend that could be hitting Minnesota bakeries: divorce cakes. We have cakes for birthdays, cakes for weddings and cakes for baby showers, so why not cakes for divorce? After all, if you focus on the positive aspects of your divorce, you're stepping into a new stage of life and, hopefully, it will be stage that's a great deal happier.

Could your spouse be hiding assets in your divorce?

It's not uncommon for hidden assets to become a factor in a Minnesota divorce. It might happen something like this: Your spouse told you that he or she was earning about $3,000 per month throughout the course of your 10-year marriage. However, the income was actually about $15,000. All the extra earnings were going into a secret bank account that you were never aware of.

How the 'innocent spouse' defense can work for you

If you are divorcing, you may discover secrets about your soon-to-be ex-spouse, that may set you aflame with anger. Indeed, extra-marital affairs, and illegitimate children can complicate things, but these might be the least of your worries. You might also find that your ex has been cheating on your tax returns for years, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is trying to hold you jointly liable.

The Hague Convention and international custody disputes

When you have a baby with a foreigner, you run the risk of difficult disagreements about where the baby should live in the event of a breakup. In extreme cases, a foreign spouse may try to abscond with a young child to bring the child back to his or her nation of origin. If the foreign parent succeeds in bringing the child to another country, and will not return the child, it could give rise to a serious international child custody dispute.

What are the various stages of the divorce process?

One of the scariest parts of divorce -- aside from the emotional challenges -- is the fact that spouses don't know what to expect during their proceedings. As such, it should be every Minnesota divorce lawyer's priority to educate his or her clients about the stages of divorce, so that spouses can feel calmer and don't experience any surprises during the process.

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