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Strategies for stopping domestic violence in your community

Many domestic violence victims do not know how to put a stop to their abuse. They feel helpless; worse, they might even feel that they deserve to be abused. Once a domestic violence victim wakes up to his or her power, however, seeking legal protection and making the abuse stop is not entirely difficult. Also, there are specific things that community members can do to help reduce instances of domestic violence in their cities.

What follows is an action plan that community members can follow to eradicate domestic violence:

-- Call the police: If you witness domestic violence happening or if you are being abused, you should call your local authorities. Police will quickly report to the scene of the violence and bring the situation under control. They may also arrest the abuser and charge him or her with a crime.

-- Model healthy relationships: Always model proper behavior and non-violent communication with your spouse or significant other. This way your children learn what a healthy and respectful relationship looks like.

-- Know how to contact a domestic violence help organization: Keep the contact information for a domestic violence outreach organization handy. If you notice that a neighbor, friend or family member is suffering from domestic violence, encourage the person to reach out for help.

-- Talk about domestic abuse: If you suspect that someone you know is being abused, ask him or her what's going on. Also, don't be afraid to tell others about the abuse you have been experiencing.

-- Engage your community: If you're a member of a religious, professional or political group, invite a domestic violence organization's speaker to present at your group.

-- Get others involved: Encourage others to get engaged in the process of identifying and resolving domestic violence in your community.

-- Give money to domestic violence shelters and counseling programs.

If you or a loved one is being hurt by domestic violence, a Minnesota family law attorney can help you resolve the situation. A lawyer can assist you in seeking a protective order to prevent your abuser from coming into contact with you. An attorney can also help you file for divorce so that you can get out of a toxic marriage.

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