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July 2017 Archives

Do same-sex couples still experience challenges?

You can change the law, but it takes time for everyone else to come on board. This is certainly true for same-sex marriages. For two years now, the United States has celebrated the ability of two people who are of the same sex to get married. Whether you're a man or woman, you can marry someone of the same gender. However, this doesn't mean that your marital union will not be without some challenges.

Reasons for requiring supervised visitation of children

Minnesota courts will always honor the best interests of your children in any child custody and child visitation matter. However, what happens if the court's wish for your children to spend time with both parents, and its wish to keep your children safe, seem to disagree?

Strategies for stopping domestic violence in your community

Many domestic violence victims do not know how to put a stop to their abuse. They feel helpless; worse, they might even feel that they deserve to be abused. Once a domestic violence victim wakes up to his or her power, however, seeking legal protection and making the abuse stop is not entirely difficult. Also, there are specific things that community members can do to help reduce instances of domestic violence in their cities.

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