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What's a closed adoption?

Closed adoptions are not as popular as they used to be, but several decades in the past, nearly all of them were closed. "Closed" in the context of adoption means that the adoptive parents and the child never had any contact with the birth parents. The records in these cases were even sealed to protect the confidentiality of the birth parents, so that it would be challenging to find them.

During the era of closed adoptions, parents who wanted to adopt had their names placed on a list. A social worker would then pair them with the appropriate soon-to-be parents. The adoptive parents had to be ready to take the baby as soon as it was born, but they would never actually meet the birth parents. In some cases, the adoptive children didn't even know that their adoptive parents were not their biological parents.

Because closed adoptions usually involve the sealing of the adoption records, it can be very difficult for adopted babies to track down their biological parents after they've grown up. However, some states offer adopted children the ability to get information about their birth parents, even when the records have been sealed. This process, may require various legal steps to be taken however, so a family law attorney can be very helpful.

Were you adopted as a baby or child, and do you want to try to identify and locate your birth parents? Although the process may involve some legal red tape, with the assistance of a family law attorney, numerous Minnesota residents have successfully identified and reunited with their birth parents.

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