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A new trend in desserts: Divorce cakes

There's a new trend that could be hitting Minnesota bakeries: divorce cakes. We have cakes for birthdays, cakes for weddings and cakes for baby showers, so why not cakes for divorce? After all, if you focus on the positive aspects of your divorce, you're stepping into a new stage of life and, hopefully, it will be stage that's a great deal happier.

It doesn't appear that any Twin Cities divorcees have caught onto this trend -- which has showed up in other cities around the United States -- because local bakeries haven't reported getting these kinds of orders. However, that doesn't mean that bakeries aren't ready to make them. One local cake maker said, "We have really wanted to make them, but we haven't had any requests for them yet."

One baker in Houston has created a selection of different divorce cake styles that customers can choose from. That baker said that a local family law attorney requested multiple divorce cakes annually for his clients. Some divorce cakes have humorous tag lines, such as "May Divorce Be with You." Others simply depict a bride or groom being kicked over, or feature a ball and chain motif.

Divorce cakes are certainly a way for Minnesota spouses to take divorce with a lighter attitude. They might also help divorcees feel a sense of closure after they end their marriages. Nevertheless, divorce is very serious and it must be carried out in a legally appropriate manner. This is why Minnesota spouses may want to turn to an experienced divorce attorney for assistance in terminating their marriages while minimizing the threat of problems later on down the road.

Source: StarTribune, "'I do, I did, I'm done': Divorce cakes are trending right now," Aimee Blanchette, accessed May 19, 2017

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