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The Hague Convention and international custody disputes

When you have a baby with a foreigner, you run the risk of difficult disagreements about where the baby should live in the event of a breakup. In extreme cases, a foreign spouse may try to abscond with a young child to bring the child back to his or her nation of origin. If the foreign parent succeeds in bringing the child to another country, and will not return the child, it could give rise to a serious international child custody dispute.

Specific rules and regulations will come into play in the typical international child custody dispute. Most importantly, invoking the terms of the Hague Convention could be one of the most important ways of bringing your child back home. The Hague Convention was created and agreed to by most nations in the world to bring quicker resolution to international child custody disagreements.

The Hague Convention will apply to any international child custody dispute in which both of the countries involved have ratified the agreement. Usually, the Hague Convention will support the return of a child to the place of his or her "habitual residence."

At Berg, Debele, Desmidt & Rabuse, we have extensive experience in the constantly changing arena of international child custody disputes. In fact, our law office is one of the go-to law firms of the U.S. State Department when it comes to handling and resolving issues relating to children who need to be returned to American soil following an international parental abduction.

To say that an international child custody disagreement is complicated would be an understatement. These matters involve laws from two different countries, which may have entirely different legal systems. As such, Minnesota parents dealing with an international child custody matter will want to seek wise legal counsel to bring their legal matters to a close as quickly and as humanly possible.

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