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Our children are the most precious possessions we have. They bring us joy, the give us love, and our relationship and unbreakable bond with them extend beyond words. That's why, when we realize that a Minnesota court truly has the power to break our bonds with our children, it can be frightening.

Child custody disputes between two parents can escalate into expensive, time-consuming court battles that seem like they'll never come to an end -- that is, if one or both of the parents are not willing to work toward a mutually agreed-upon child custody settlement. At Berg Debele Desmidt & Rabuse, we know how delicate the issues surrounding child custody can be, so we take a diplomatic and conciliatory approach toward conflict resolution in child custody matters.

Along every step of the way in a child custody disagreement, our primary goal is to protect the best interests of the child or children involved, while advocating for the rights and goals of our client. No matter what side of a child custody suit you happen to be on we are here for your support. Whether you're the mother or the father, whether you're facing the threat of losing your kids, or you're trying to prevent a potentially dangerous ex from having contact with your children, we will use the full power of Minnesota family law to assert your agenda in court.

At Berg Debele Desmidt & Rabuse, our attorneys are available to speak with potential new clients in our Hennepin law offices. We will listen to your story, educate you on your legal rights and advise you on the most appropriate steps you should take toward the swift and peaceful resolution of your child custody matter.

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