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March 2017 Archives

What are the various stages of the divorce process?

One of the scariest parts of divorce -- aside from the emotional challenges -- is the fact that spouses don't know what to expect during their proceedings. As such, it should be every Minnesota divorce lawyer's priority to educate his or her clients about the stages of divorce, so that spouses can feel calmer and don't experience any surprises during the process.

Are you looking to adopt? Here are several strategies you can try

The Minnesota Department of Human Services announced that it is had 489 children waiting to be adopted late last year. Some of these children are also available to be cared for by willing foster parents. Some parents find their way to parenthood via the foster-parent route. A child comes into their home, they fall in love, and they adopt the child: It's as simple as that.

Can pregnancy be confined to a business contract?

Pregnancy is not an experience that is easily relegated to the confines of a business contract. Nevertheless, that is exactly what the legalization of commercial surrogacy would strive to do. A proposed change to Minnesota law that would allow for business contracts between would-be parents and surrogate mothers could turn pregnancy into a for-profit business activity.

Same-sex marriage brings a surprising drop in teen suicide

A drop in teen suicide attempts occurred following the U.S. Supreme Court's legalization of same-sex marriage. The decrease in suicide attempts was the largest among lesbian, bisexual and gay teenagers. Similar drops in suicide attempts were previously seen in states that preemptively legalized gay marriage in advance of the Supreme Court's ruling.

Representing Minnesota residents in their child custody disputes

Our children are the most precious possessions we have. They bring us joy, the give us love, and our relationship and unbreakable bond with them extend beyond words. That's why, when we realize that a Minnesota court truly has the power to break our bonds with our children, it can be frightening.

Learning about your young adopted child

Minnesota parents who decide to adopt a young child into their homes will have a lot of emotions flooding through them. They will also need to organize a lot of the legal aspects of the adoption, which they can carry out with the assistance of a lawyer. All this activity might interfere with the new parents getting to know their child in the best way. To prevent that, here's some advice on learning about your child.

How do I prevent loneliness after my divorce?

If you're going through a divorce after the age of 50, you might be worried about feeling lonely as you grow older. You might find a new partner to grow old with, but fears of loneliness in the meantime are a valid concern. Nevertheless, many Minnesotans are overcoming their fears of loneliness with some excellent strategies.

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