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Some Minnesota residents view alimony and child support as if it were a negative. They say that alimony recipients should be responsible for their own income and it's unfair to the spouse who pays. Some might even complain that child support payments are too high, and noncustodial parents shouldn't be on the hook to pay so much money each month for the support of their children.

These complaints usually come from the ones who pay child support and not from the ones who desperately need it. In fact, the reasons for alimony and child support laws are clear, and they're very important for human rights and modern society in general.

For example, can you imagine a Minnesota spouse being trapped in an unhealthy marriage and unable to leave it marriage due to financial concerns? Let's consider a stay-at-home mom who doesn't have a high school diploma, was married at 18 and never had a chance to build her career. She has three children – who she dearly loves – and a husband. She and her husband have a toxic marriage. They're constantly fighting and she desperately wants out, but she has no idea how she'll be able to take care of herself and her kids without her husband's financial support.

Many years ago, the hypothetical woman above would have no choice but to endure her toxic and unfortunate marriage. Faced with the threat of losing her children and her source of income if she decided to leave, she would likely remain in bondage to her husband. Being "trapped" like this would not be in her best interest, nor would it be in the best interest of the children. This is why alimony and child support laws exist: They give less-moneyed spouses the freedom to stay or leave when it comes to a bad or toxic marriage.

At Berg, Debele, Desmidt & Rabuse, we are passionate advocates for spouses who need spousal support and child support in order to stay financially afloat following a divorce. We also represent clients to ensure that their alimony and/or child support obligations are fair. Rest assured that we've been on both sides of this debate representing divorcing spouses in countless cases, and we will advocate for your legal rights using every resource and strategy available.

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