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Assisted reproductive technology in Minnesota

Numerous would-be Minnesota mothers want to have babies but are unable to do so. Some of these mothers have loving husbands who are also eager to have a baby of their own. Fortunately, the modern era of assisted reproductive technology services is making it possible for mothers -- would otherwise not be able to have a baby of their own -- have children that are theirs biologically as well as their husbands.

In some cases, another woman will be a traditional surrogate and have a baby after being artificially inseminated by the male partner of the woman who can't have a child. In other cases, a woman will be a gestational carrier and have the fertilized egg of a woman and her partner implanted in her womb.

As can be imagined, complexities may arise in these situations. For example, a surrogate mother or gestational carrier may become attached to the baby being carried, and once it's time to give birth, the woman may not wish to give the baby up to the intended parents. These situations are not completely uncommon, so it's important that the surrogate or gestational carrier agreement be drafted carefully.

At Berg, Debele, DeSmidt & Rabuse, P.A., we work closely with would-be parents to help them appropriately navigate whatever kind of assisted reproductive technology they choose to use. Indeed, each alternative option to have a child, whether it's a Minnesota surrogate mother, a gestational carrier, an adoption or some other means to acquire a child, parents will want to consider all of their options carefully before selecting the perfect one.

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