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February 2017 Archives

Assisted reproductive technology in Minnesota

Numerous would-be Minnesota mothers want to have babies but are unable to do so. Some of these mothers have loving husbands who are also eager to have a baby of their own. Fortunately, the modern era of assisted reproductive technology services is making it possible for mothers -- would otherwise not be able to have a baby of their own -- have children that are theirs biologically as well as their husbands.

Minnesota organization educates citizens about adoption

A Minnesota-based group is trying to spread good information about child adoption in order to dispel common myths about the process. The organization, known as Bellis, wants adoption in the spotlight. One of its sponsored projects includes the "Orphan Train" musical, which was recently performed at St. Paul's History Theatre.

Stay financially afloat following your divorce

Some Minnesota residents view alimony and child support as if it were a negative. They say that alimony recipients should be responsible for their own income and it's unfair to the spouse who pays. Some might even complain that child support payments are too high, and noncustodial parents shouldn't be on the hook to pay so much money each month for the support of their children.

Can I adopt my stepchild?

If you're a stepparent hoping to adopt your stepchild, rest assured that it is indeed possible and it's relatively common in Minnesota. Legal steps must be taken, and sometimes legal hurdles must be overcome -- particularly if the biological parent does not agree with the adoption. However, a stepparent adoption is considerably less difficult than other types of adoption when all parties are in agreement that the adoption process may move forward.

Newborn baby found at Cathedral of St. Paul

Someone left a newborn baby on the steps of the Cathedral of St. Paul on Jan. 4. The baby is currently healthy and child services officials are taking care of it. A custodian for the church found the baby at around 6 p.m., in a plastic laundry basket in between the interior and exterior doorways of the main church where night mass had just been held.

International adoption support in Minnesota

Minnesota parents may not always be able to find a child to adopt locally, and they may need to turn to an international adoption agency to find the child of their dreams. Some sources for adoptive children can be Africa, Southeast Asia, Russia or other countries. However, when adopting a child from overseas, there are some unique legal concerns that parents will need to navigate.

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