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Ironing out details for a faster divorce

For some in Minnesota, the biggest goal with a divorce is simply getting through it as quickly as possible. Both sides know they want the split, they're eager to get it done, and they're trying to avoid a long, drawn out process in the courts.

If that's your goal, you're often best to sit down with your spouse and your legal team to iron out some of the details in advance. You still then have to get parts of your agreement signed off on by the court -- such as the parenting plan -- but you can have everything in place when the case begins. Since you already know that your spouse is going to agree, it's just a mater of signing in the proper places and making it official.

For example, you can begin dividing your assets in advance, or at least laying out the guidelines for how it should be done. Some couples even begin to sell off items to make the split easier. For instance, if you know neither of you can afford the house alone, you could sell it and agree to split the money you earn on the sale. If these big-ticket items have all been dealt with when you get before the judge, it does not take long, in many cases, to split up items that have sentimental value -- or at least a lower monetary value.

Of course, this won't work for all couples, and only really works when both people can agree and cooperate during the divorce process. However, if speed is all you are after at the end of the day, it's very important to know what options you have.

Source: MN Courts, "Divorce/Dissolution," accessed Oct. 03, 2016

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