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July 2016 Archives

Are prenuptial agreements immune to legal challenges?

Prenuptial agreements have a reputation, that's for sure. One of the myths about these contracts is that they are impregnable once signed. It is as if once you signed the contract, everything is etched in stone no matter how unfair or ill-advised the contract is. But, in fact, this is just a myth. There is no truth to the idea that prenuptial agreement are immune to legal challenges.

How property division works in the state of Minnesota

As an equitable distribution state, Minnesota enforces a division of assets that is "fair" given the circumstances of the marriage, and subsequent divorce, of two people. What is important to note about equitable distribution and the "fair" division of assets is that this doesn't mean that the assets will be divided equally. There is no guarantee that one spouse will get "50 percent" and the other spouse gets the other "50 percent." It could happen, but it is far more likely that the division of property will not be "equal." Instead, the division will adequately and fairly reflect the circumstances of the marriage and divorce.

Is (blank) covered by child support? Probably!

You could fill in the blank in the title with just about any financial factor, and it would probably be covered by child support payments. And yet, there are many people out there who presume that child support is a very limited and select form of financial support that can only be utilized for specific costs that are related to a child. However, child support can be used for a variety of financial purposes.

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