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LGBT couples in Minnesota often struggle to find the right representation when it comes to handling family law matters. Many of the so-called social norms were established with heterosexual couples in mind, leaving many people in the LGBT community confused about their rights and their options. Same-sex couples are often surprised to discover that they have far more rights of which they might have previously not been aware.

For example, most same-sex couples have the same desire as their heterosexual counterparts do to raise children in a loving environment. Both adoption and surrogacy are valid options for expanding a family. Still, it can be overwhelming to complete all of the necessary legal requirements in order to move forward with these choices. In most cases, doing it solo can be arduous and time-consuming, making the careful guidance of a knowledgeable counsel very valuable.

The right help can also make the process of child custody run far smoother in the possible event that a marriage or relationship comes to an end. While the majority of people do not set out to become parents with the idea that they will divorce later on, life can be unexpected. It usually takes the right balance of knowledge and compassion to help parents keep the focus on the best interests of the child, a skill that is invaluable for both same-sex and heterosexual parents.

We believe that same-sex couples deserve the same dignity and help when it comes to moving through these areas of the law. An untold number of our Minnesota clients have benefited from our careful guidance through these types of matters, which is something that our firm is exceedingly proud of. To find out how we continue to serve the community, please be sure to visit our website.

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