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The basics of adoption in Minnesota (PART 2)

In our last post we started a discussion about the basics of adopting a child in Minnesota. Once an individual or a couple decides to adopt a child, there are a lot of steps that need to be taken. One of the most important (and often the most stressful) parts of the adoption process is the adoption home study. This process is required by a court in order to complete an adoption locally or internationally.

Every agency may do the home study a bit differently, but the main purpose of the home study is to allow parents to understand the realities of adoption and for courts to gather all the needed information about the prospective parents in order to grant the adoption. The court needs to know that the parents can meet the needs of the child they want to adopt and that they understand what those needs are.

Some prospective parents may wonder how long the adoption process takes. In our state, the child needs to be living in the adoptive home at least three months before an adoption petition is granted by the court. It may take anywhere between three months and a year after placement for the process to be finalized.

While these basics can be found online, these types of online brochures cannot answer questions that are specific to your case. The process may seem overwhelming, but with the help of an attorney who is experienced with the adoption process in Minnesota, parents can gain the confidence and knowledge they need in order to navigate this rewarding process.

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