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Averting high conflict divorce typically a matter of choice

Divorce isn't typically an easy thing to go through. It is perhaps not as hard as it used to be because of changing social attitudes. But even if you have every intention of trying to dissolve your Minnesota marriage as amicably as possible, you likely are going to have to deal with some emotional upheaval. You'll have yours. Your partner will have theirs.

Experienced family law practitioners in Minnesota have been at the forefront of trying to find creative alternative methods of dealing with the hard issues related to divorce. They determined years ago that there had to be better options for resolving divorce-related disputes than taking battles to court.

The result has been the development of an array of alternative dispute resolution forms, such as:

  • Cooperative law
  • Mediation (including international)
  • Early Neutral Evaluation
  • Parenting consulting

Whether one of these methods is right for you is something that couples need to discuss with a trusted legal adviser. But there are some solid arguments to be made for avoiding the alternative of a high conflict divorce. Here are some of them.

  • Cost: Divorce is not an inexpensive proposition in the best of circumstances. Research shows, though, that litigating is a great deal more expensive than ADR.

  • Risk of violence: High conflict divorces have caused physical casualties. High emotions can be elevated more by the stress of court and the result can be harmful.

In the end, it really comes down to a matter of choice. With solid legal representation, regardless of what forum is used, you can be confident that your desires will be heard and your rights fought for. You will decide whether it becomes a matter of high conflict.

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