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Adoption assistance: providing for special needs kids long term

Every child deserves a loving family. Unfortunately, not every child is born into one. Sometimes, a child gets relegated to orphan status or is left to the foster care system because parents are either unable to meet their needs. Sadly, there are times when a child born with special needs winds up in the system because their parents just don't want them.

It is in recognition of such circumstances that governments choose to step in. Programs exist at both the Minnesota and the federal levels to provide adoptive families with financial assistance in such cases. Far from being simply a form of monetary incentive to promote adoption of children with special needs, these programs aim to ensure that these children get the care they will need for their whole lives. But like so many things in life, obtaining these subsidies depend on entering into contracts.

Those with experience in this area of family law know that the scope of the help that may be lined up can be broad. Whether the child has emotional or physical or mental health care needs, getting them adequately met requires being able to identify current needs as well as planning for what could be essential at some point in the future.

And once all of those elements are taken into account, there is a need to negotiate with government agencies to achieve the best possible outcome for the child and the family.

For example, average family needs might easily be covered by standard health care insurance through work. Families might even be well equipped to meet the costs of special activities such as playing team sports or going to summer camp. But providing those opportunities for special needs children often comes at a premium.

Such costs or the costs of providing the unique care a child might need can pose significant challenges to families considering such an adoption. And so it is that we recommend consulting with a qualified, experienced adoption attorney.

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