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January 2016 Archives

What's worth considering when structuring parenting plans?

Not long ago, we wrote an article offering insight into changes that affect how child custody decisions are made under Minnesota law. That piece described how the specific factors family law court judges use to question or bless custody plans have been modified.

Public health care coverage falls short for transgender man

The social consciousness in Minnesota around sexual orientation and gender identity has been undergoing significant change in the past several decades. Marriage between same-sex couples was legal in the state long before the U.S. Supreme Court declared marriages legal across the nation last year.

Adoption assistance: providing for special needs kids long term

Every child deserves a loving family. Unfortunately, not every child is born into one. Sometimes, a child gets relegated to orphan status or is left to the foster care system because parents are either unable to meet their needs. Sadly, there are times when a child born with special needs winds up in the system because their parents just don't want them.

What happens with child support in third-party custody cases?

Child custody decisions are perhaps the most delicate matters that courts in Minnesota or anywhere else have to deal with. Attempting to assess all the factors that could affect the interests of the parties can be complicated. And ensuring the best interests of the affected children is of paramount concern.

Data suggests a 'best' age to wed to minimize divorce risks

If you ask 100 random people on the streets of Minneapolis about the right age someone should be before they get married for the first time you are likely to get 100 different answers. The presumption behind the question is that the marriage is something that the parties intend to last for their lifetimes.

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