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December 2015 Archives

When a child is born, do mom and dad have equal rights?

You are likely familiar with the term “nuclear family.” It is the popular phrase used to describe a married dad and mom with 2.5 children living under the same roof. It is a nice, neat phrase. Most families today do not fit under this definition.

Rock divorce may highlight challenges of intercountry adoption

Every state in the union, including Minnesota, has its own laws regulating adoptions. We attempted to provide some clarity on this point in our post last week. The reflection in that item centered on how some things have changed, largely within the context of the social view of things, regarding this issue. At the same time, some things still remain the same.

What's the same, what's changed in Minnesota adoption?

Change is said to be the only thing that is certain in life. Some things may change faster than others, but transformation is inevitable. Adoption in Minnesota is no less subject to that reality than any other facet of life. And yet, as much as things may be changing, there are still some things that remain the same.

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