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November 2015 Archives

Good planning can reduce risk of financial trouble in divorce

How are your saving habits? Chances are that if you are like most Minnesotans, you feel you could be doing better. If there's one thing that financial experts can agree upon it is that average people should be socking away a great deal more than they are currently.

Court shuts down couple's faith-sharing efforts with grandchild

Child custody determinations in Minnesota are not something that the courts tend to take likely. The tenet that holds sway in establishing who can make decisions related to the upbringing of a child is rooted firmly in the notion that the conditions have to serve the best interests of the child.

What is the MN Fathers' Adoption Registry? Should a man care?

Pope Francis is on the record as saying, "Who am I to judge?" His query was made in the context of the question of how to address the issue of same-sex orientation among the Roman Catholic clergy. A lot of people hailed his comment as reflecting solid Christian values. A lot of others decried it as flying in the face of church doctrine.

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