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Social media: a situation in which ‘less is more’ during divorce

A contested divorce is often the epitome of “he said, she said” litigation. Each party has an opinion about the actions of the other spouse prior to and during the divorce. Each is concerned about the outcome, wanting a settlement that favors his or her best interests. Each likely feels strong emotions from disappointment to anger throughout the process.

The emotions and concerns felt in the courtroom rarely stay in the courtroom, which is why judges issue anti-harassment orders and attorneys caution their clients about the rules they should follow when communicating with their spouses during a divorce, especially when it comes to social media.

If you send messages to your spouse, tag him or her in a statement on Facebook or share photos on a public Instagram feed, you could be asking for trouble. At this point, you may be thinking, “Well, I’ll just avoid direct contact and set my privacy settings to high.”

Privacy settings and controlled social media communications are a start, but you might want to consider closing the profiles and abstaining from any social media use. Profiles can be hacked and privacy settings can be beat with fake friend requests and other tools. Even participation alone on certain sites, like Tinder, could cause problems.

Remember: anything you write is forever. This includes words on anything, from a piece of paper to a social media profile, and yes, text messages. Cellphone companies may not keep or share records, but everyone else you send a text message to, can.

Although your attorney can help work to repair any damage, it is often best to be safe rather than sorry and take the “less is more” approach.

Source: Fox Business, “Can Social Media Hurt You In A Divorce,” Andrea Murad, Aug 27, 2015

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