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July 2015 Archives

Considering divorce? Take a few minutes to understand your finances

Marriages end during good economies and bad, but we remember hearing about couples who put off divorce during the recession. The cost of splitting up was just too much for them to handle -- not the legal costs, but the expense of setting up two households when they could barely afford one. They chose to wait until home prices stabilized or an unemployed spouse found work, until their credit card balances were more manageable or medical bills for the kids had been paid off.

SCOTUS decision will affect the (financial) ties that bind

While we discussed the impact of the Supreme Court's decision in Obergefell v. Hedges in our July 3, 2015, post, we know that legal experts are still determining the full range of legal issues the ruling will affect. The newly married same-sex couples will learn that marriage comes with many  legal benefits -- including the employer-sponsored benefits we talked about last time -- and just as many legal obligations.

How does the same-sex marriage case affect Minnesota couples?

Unless you're personally connected to the issue, it may not be clear exactly why the recent decision legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide is a big deal in Minnesota. After all, same-sex marriage was already legal here, and we have a number of other laws protecting the civil rights of LGBT people. Wasn't the Supreme Court just forcing other states to do what Minnesota has already done?

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