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Looking on the 'bright side' of divorce

Whether your divorce occurred in the wake of a single trauma or it was a decision that had been building for years, there are almost certainly benefits and challenges associated with your single life. At times, it can be difficult to see any of the benefits of a life without your spouse. At times, it can be easy to fall into bitterness and to dwell on negative thoughts. However, it is possible to look on the "bright side" of divorce, even if that brighter side is only glimpsed a few moments at a time at first.

For example, you may find it difficult to sleep in the weeks and months after your divorce. However, once time passes, you may discover that you like sleeping at a diagonal. Or that you like sleeping with a sound machine and a body pillow. Or perhaps you will discover that you like to have eight pillows in the bed. The freedom to rediscover your own likes, dislikes, wants and needs independent of someone else's input can bring unexpected bright spots to your life.

In addition, you may discover other small bright spots in your newly single life, even while you are still grieving. For example, you can be as "selfish" with your Netflix choices, the space your ice cream takes up in the freezer, the temperature of your house, the cleanliness (or messiness) of your home and your time as you care to be. You will also likely begin to enjoy your own company more as time progresses.

The divorce process can be unquestionably difficult. But there is a bright side to the process as well, as long as you are willing to allow yourself to see it.

Source: The Huffington Post, "22 Underrated Perks Of Being Single," May 11, 2015

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