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Facebook 'serves' another purpose in divorce

In the past, we have shared posts about the ways in which social media sites like Facebook can serve family law purposes, good and bad. Social media posts showing a parent spending a great deal of money, for example, can hurt his or her case that they supposedly cannot afford to made child support payments. An article for our firm also discusses how some couples include specifics in their prenuptial agreements regarding what the individuals can and can't post on social media sites.

As the above points suggest, social media is powerful. It is more than a fun hobby for people; lives and businesses can be impacted by what is said and shown online. And, because at least one judge in an out-of-state case has allowed it, social media can even be valid medium through which to initiate the divorce process

A woman who married her husband in 2009 has reportedly been trying to end her unhappy union for years. Marriages are not easily dissolved, however, especially when one party to the union makes himself hard to find. The woman argues that her husband won't give his location or work with her in order to be served the divorce papers, so the best current option of reaching him is through social media. 

The New York judge recognizes the popularity and power of social media and has agreed to allow the woman's lawyer to try to serve the summons over the husband's Facebook page. It is a creative way to try to move along a much-awaited divorce process, but sometimes, family law takes creative means and persistence. 

These days, few people are strangers to social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just some of the sites that could likely impact one's divorce in Minnesota and elsewhere. It is not a bad idea to discuss the potential impact and use of social media in one's divorce case. 

Source: NBC-2: "Judge lets woman serve husband divorce papers via Facebook," Apr. 6, 2015

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