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Divorce can be a good thing for the family

All too often, the focus of divorce is on how it can negatively impact children. While it is true that a divorce can cause some stress on the family, it is important to remember that a divorce can actually be a good thing for children, as it can lead to a more stable home environment and can teach important life lessons about compromise and putting happiness first. 

A recent article titled, "Why a Good Divorce Is Better Than a Bad Marriage for Kids" looked at some of the positives that are to be gained from divorce. The article specifically debunked the myth that it is better for an unhappy couple to stay together for the sake of the kids. 

According to the author of the article, staying in an unhappy marriage for the children can actually do more damage than getting a divorce. This is because children are raised in an environment where their parents are not getting along and frequently fighting. In some marriages, the children could even be subjected to seeing physical and emotional abuse.

With divorce, while there is a transitional period, children are able to be raised in an environment without the stress of hearing their parents bicker, or having to worry about when the next big fight will happen.

For the parents, most adjust to life after divorce and end up being happier. Happier parents in turn do a better job of parenting. Just like stress and sadness, their happiness can also rub off on the children.

The process of divorce and coming up with parenting plans also takes a great deal of compromise from each parent. Parents going through this process teach their children the importance of compromise and how to work through difficult times in life. 

Lastly, by choosing to leave an unhappy marriage, parents act as role models by showing that personal happiness is important in life and that no one should give up their own happiness for others. 

Of course, none of this is to say that divorce is easy. That is why many turn to lawyers when going through a divorce. But as this article shows, a divorce is not necessarily all negative and many children do end up thriving after their parents' split.

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