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April 2015 Archives

Legislature adds fines and penalties to parenting time law

The Minnesota House of Representatives is working on a bill that would alter some of the rules regarding parenting time. So far, House Bill 518 has been read for the second time and will soon go up for a full House vote. It will then head to the Senate for debate and approval.

Facebook 'serves' another purpose in divorce

In the past, we have shared posts about the ways in which social media sites like Facebook can serve family law purposes, good and bad. Social media posts showing a parent spending a great deal of money, for example, can hurt his or her case that they supposedly cannot afford to made child support payments. An article for our firm also discusses how some couples include specifics in their prenuptial agreements regarding what the individuals can and can't post on social media sites.

Divorce can be a good thing for the family

All too often, the focus of divorce is on how it can negatively impact children. While it is true that a divorce can cause some stress on the family, it is important to remember that a divorce can actually be a good thing for children, as it can lead to a more stable home environment and can teach important life lessons about compromise and putting happiness first. 

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