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March 2015 Archives

Does divorce need to be adversarial?

The Minnesota Legislature is more than half-way through its 2015 session, and last week marked the deadline for bills to be voted out of committee. The bills that did not move out of committee are off the table for this session. They will carry over to the 2016 session, though; they may still become law.

How much trouble can a parent be in for not paying child support?

In a perfect world, both parents would be involved in raising a child, even if they are separated or divorced. That includes financial support as well. Even if an ex rarely or never sees the children, he or she should be legally obligated to provide child support.

Collaborative divorce can save time and money

There are times when a couple simply cannot remain married. The relationship has broken down and cannot be repaired; their careers have pulled them in opposite directions; they disagree on whether to have children or how many children to have. They may remain good friends, but they are no longer life partners.

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