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Youth sports can have a high price tag

Many Minnesota children participate in at least one type of sport. Sports can be very fun for kids and can have all sorts of potential benefits attached to them. They can, however, be a bit on the expensive side, particularly nowadays.

Over the past few decades, youth sports costs have gone up quite a bit. There are many types of costs a parent might have to cover to be able to have their child compete in sports, such as equipment costs, participation fees/tuition, travel costs and training costs. Particularly at higher levels of competition, the final overall costs for a family can be very high, sometimes thousands of dollars a year.

The costs can vary quite a bit from sport to sport. This can be seen in some seasonal cost estimates for different sports at the pre-high-school traveling/elite level.

At this level, some of the sports with the highest average seasonal costs are travel soccer ($2,200-$4,000), hockey ($2,600), downhill skiing ($4,000) and sports that normally involve year-long training ($5,000 to $10,000+). Examples of year-long training sports are gymnastics, competitive dance, figure skating and tennis.

Some of the sports at the pre-high-school traveling/elite level with lower average seasonal costs are football ($200), travel lacrosse ($600), travel basketball ($600) and travel baseball ($800).

As this illustrates, having their kids be able to participate in the sports they want to can sometimes put some major costs on parents. These costs can sometimes be tough to meet, particularly for a divorced parent, as a divorce can sometimes leave a person in a financially fragile position.

One of the things that can sometimes help a divorced custodial parent be able to meet the various expenses related to their child, such as their child's activity costs, is having a fair child support arrangement in place. Attorneys can help divorced custodial parents with efforts to get an appropriate child support arrangement set up.  

Source: CBS Minnesota, "The High Cost Of Competitive Pre-H.S. Sports," Esme Murphy, Feb. 16, 2015

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