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February 2015 Archives

FMLA embraces same-sex marriage

Another barrier has fallen for same-sex married couples. For the past couple of years, Minnesota has watched as other states struggle with the constitutionality of same-sex marriage laws. We know, of course, that there is work to be done to equalize or to neutralize every discriminatory law here, but we know, too, that we have made tremendous progress. We know that we have become another haven for couples that wish to marry in their home states but cannot.

What factors do judges consider when making child custody decisions?

For many couples, the determination of parental rights is the most important issue to be dealt with in the context of divorce. The assignment of custody and parenting time can be the source of a great deal of contentiousness, though, and when couples are not able to come up with an arrangement on their own, a court needs to step in to make a decision for them.

Custody rights go way beyond just where a child will live

When talking about child custody, many immediately think of where the child will physically live. However, child custody agreements go way beyond just where a child will live. In fact, custodial rights give parents the legal right to make decisions regarding medical care, the religious upbringing of their children and other important factors that often come with parenting.

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