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What are the reasons for awarding alimony in Minnesota?

Minnesota spousal support may be awarded for a variety of reasons, but an alimony obligation is never automatic. Whether you're seeking spousal maintenance or denying an obligation to pay, you should have an experienced family law attorney to protect your interests and present your case.

Generally, alimony is paid to a spouse who faces an economic disadvantage because of the divorce. Maybe the alimony recipient wasn't employed during the marriage and consequently doesn't yet have the education or job skills to obtain employment. Temporary spousal maintenance may be awarded in such a case. 

If a disability or illness prevents a spouse from working, then the other party may be obligated to pay spousal support. If there is a dispute over that obligation, then the spouse with a disability will need to provide proof of the condition.

Another common consideration these days is the amount that one spouse paid for the other's medical bills or education prior to the end of the marriage. The spouse who covered those expenses may be entitled to reimbursement in the form of alimony payments.

Most fair alimony agreements are temporary and rehabilitative, though permanent alimony may be appropriate in some cases. Generally, however, the purpose of alimony is to provide support to a spouse while he or she transitions back into the workforce. In many cases, too, alimony is appropriate when the end of the marriage would result in a significant decline in the standard of living for one spouse.

Family lawyers at Walling, Berg & Debele, P.A., represent clients who are seeking alimony, as well as clients who need to challenge an alleged obligation to pay. Our Minneapolis Alimony overview has more on these matters.

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