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November 2014 Archives

What is a cohabitation agreement?

In the most unromantic of terms, marriage is a legally binding contract between two people. By being married, certain rights and obligations are defined. However, an unmarried couple -- worried about rights and obligations -- can also have a legal contract, often referred to as a cohabitation agreement. This agreement can spell out things such as property division and debt division, in the event of a break up.

What are the reasons for awarding alimony in Minnesota?

Minnesota spousal support may be awarded for a variety of reasons, but an alimony obligation is never automatic. Whether you're seeking spousal maintenance or denying an obligation to pay, you should have an experienced family law attorney to protect your interests and present your case.

Are Russian adoptions becoming legal nesting dolls? p2

It is possible to undo an adoption in Minnesota. If you are wondering why someone would go through the process only to change his or her mind, try to mix up the variables: Perhaps the biological parents want their child back, perhaps the child wants to be emancipated, or perhaps the adoptive parents are physically unable to care for the child. A court would likely decide the matter based on the best interest of the child.

Are Russian adoptions becoming legal nesting dolls?

The Sochi Olympics last February had special meaning for one Minnesota family. A woman from Golden Valley took advantage of the feeling of international good will by appearing on Russian television with a special request. She asked Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government to make an exception to their 2012 action barring Americans from adopting Russian children.

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