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October 2014 Archives

Back to the marriage that may not have been

After a long pause, we are returning to the Michael and Debra Mandelbaum divorce case from New Jersey. As we started to say in our Sept. 22 posts, the marriage and dissolution of marriage laws in that state differ in some ways from ours. For instance, Minnesota has a longer "waiting period" between the time the license is granted and a couple may marry (five days here, three days there).

What to expect when it comes to child support in Minnesota

One of the most contentious battles people can face in family court is one involving child support. Typically, these orders come on the heels of a breakup or after a divorce when emotions are running high and moms and dads may not like each other very much.

It walks like a marriage, talks like a marriage, but is it legit? p2

We are talking about a case out of New Jersey, where marriage laws are a little different from Minnesota's. Both states require a couple to obtain a license, to have the marriage solemnized by an authorized officiant and to have that solemnization witnessed by two people 18-years-old or older. In New Jersey, though, the waiting period is just 72 hours or 3 days; in Minnesota, couples must wait five days before they can make the marriage official.

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