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August 2014 Archives

$17 billion possibly at stake in oil magnate's divorce

Divorce, as readers are aware, can be an expensive affair, particularly for couples who have a lot of money to their name and who are determined to battle it out for what is rightfully theirs. What is costly for one couple, though, may be pennies to another couple. The amount of money at stake in the divorce of oil magnate Harold Hamm and his wife--$17 billion—certainly qualifies as a lot.

Imprudent posts, confidentiality breach force judge off the bench

A celebrity walks into a courtroom …. It may sound like the opening line of a comedy routine, but it has turned into a nightmare for a judge and a major headache for the celebrity. The story is set in Arkansas, but it stands as an object lesson to everyone about the dangers of social media and the importance of confidentiality with adoption proceedings. So, take heed, Minnesota: This could have happened anywhere.

Minneapolis Domestic Partnerships 101: The basics, part 3

The domestic partnership registry still exists in Minneapolis, even now that same-sex marriage is legal here. Under the law, unmarried couples -- same-sex or opposite-sex -- can form a bond stronger than cohabitation but not quite as powerful as marriage. As we have discussed over the past couple of weeks, the main benefit granted by the city is the right to visit a domestic partner in a hospital or care facility. Most of the other benefits are at the discretion of a partner's employer.

Minneapolis Domestic Partnerships 101: The basics, part 2

We are still discussing the basics of a domestic partnership in Minneapolis. In our last post, we talked about who can enter into a domestic partnership and what the registration process is.

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