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If you are divorcing, you may be wondering who should receive the house, the car, the business and other personal property. Effective legal representation can ensure an equitable distribution of property and assets.

At Berg, Debele, DeSmidt & Rabuse, P.A., we help clients resolve their legal issues regarding marital asset and debt division. We are zealous advocates for our clients' rights and interests in both negotiations and litigation. Please contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.

Minnesota is an equitable distribution state. Property is not necessarily divided equally, but rather it is divided according to worth and in the interests of fairness. As a result, the person awarded the home may receive less physical property than the other spouse, with the goal being to reach an equitable settlement.

Division of marital property involves more than determining who receives the marital home and other large assets. It involves careful planning and consideration of your financial situation. All marital assets, including pensions, 401(k)s, retirement accounts and business funds are subject to division. Marital debt is also subject to division. Our firm will gather financial information about all property, including any hidden assets or those in foreign accounts.

Do You Have a Prenuptial Agreement?

The presence of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement may directly impact the division of marital property. The agreements safeguard certain assets against division, and protect inheritances and trust funds for your children. Your attorney will review any existing agreements and use it to guide asset division negotiations.

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