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Parents enter child custody agreements not knowing what the future will bring. New jobs, job transfers, remarriage and child activities may require that a parent relocate to a different city or state. Some custodial parents, however, may want to relocate simply to harm or inconvenience the other parent. Legal representation is required to protect the rights of the parents as well as the child's best interests.

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Relocation: More Than Just Changing Addresses

The relocation of a custodial parent is a complex matter involving much more than the change of a physical address. It requires giving the other parent sufficient notice of your intent to move as well as reasons for doing so. If the other parent challenges your request, it may also involve filing motions with the court, presenting your case before a judge, modifying an existing parenting time plan, and working out an agreement to pay for transportation of either the child or noncustodial parent for visitation purposes.

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