Child Custody

One size fits all is no way to raise children. You may have seen or heard ads from firms that are dedicated solely to protecting the rights of fathers or others that believe that parents should always be able to reach a 50/50 custody arrangement. At Berg, Debele, DeSmidt & Rabuse, P.A., we are family law attorneys who know from experience that children are best served by unique custody arrangements created to meet their needs.

We understand that when parents are going through a divorce or unmarried parents disagree about what is best for their children, they will go to great lengths to protect them. Our goal is to help families get to a better place than they are at when they come to us and to make sure that any outcome represents the best interests of the children.

Minneapolis and St. Paul Child Custody Representation

Child custody determinations occur in matters of divorce and paternity and go far beyond just where a child will physically spend time. Custody grants rights and responsibilities to one or both parents to make major decisions concerning the child. Such decisions include:

  • Authorization for nonemergency health care
  • Choice of school
  • Choice of religious upbringing
  • Consent to obtain a driver's license
  • Consent to marry before age 18
  • Consent to enter military service before age 18

The determination of whether custody should be sole or joint is based on the best interest of the child. Custody may be determined by the court or through the agreement of both parties. In our experience, we have found that agreements reached amicably by parents is preferred, as it leaves them in control of these important decisions rather than relying on a judge to settle differences. However, we are skilled trial attorneys who have achieved great success in court on behalf of Minnesota parents.

Our attorneys bring a wealth of experience and resources to child custody cases in Minnesota. We are also on the cutting edge of interstate and international custody issues, developing successful strategies for protecting the interests of children who are caught in the midst of custody battles that cross borders.

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At Berg, Debele, DeSmidt & Rabuse, P.A., we are committed to being a resource and a source of strength for our clients as they focus on resolving these critical issues. To learn more about how our Minneapolis child custody lawyers can help you and your children, contact us today to schedule an appointment.