Assisted Reproductive Technology (ARTS)

ART/Surrogacy Agreements

Assisted Reproductive Technology Services (ARTS) is one of the fastest growing areas, both technologically and legally, in the area of family creation.

Legal representation includes working with traditional surrogates, gestational carriers and intended parents and drafting agreements to protect a client's rights in this complex and developing area of practice. This area can be particularly challenging because the standards of practice, statutes, case law and attitudes vary from state to state.

Berg, Debele, DeSmidt & Rabuse, P.A., remains current in this area through membership in national organizations with ties to the legal and medical issues of assisted reproductive technology throughout the United States.

Berg, Debele, DeSmidt & Rabuse, P.A., is committed to providing all resources available to our clients. Our High Conflict Resolution Resources Center provides information and resources specific to the needs of families struggling with divorce, custody issues, parenting time and responsibility issues, child development and mental health services.