Mediation - Juvenile and Family Law

Mediation provides an alternative method of resolution to a legal matter. The mediation process includes the submission of extensive information to the mediator by both sides, including counsel, prior to the initial meeting. It usually involves two or three sessions of mediation and the preparation of a final mediated document either in the form of an agreement or a proposed court order. The mediation process is by nature nonconfrontational and nonadversarial, resulting in more successful settlement because all parties are committed to the mediated settlement.

Berg, Debele, DeSmidt & Rabuse, P.A., centers its mediation on issues of adoption, contact agreements, Child in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS) cases, termination of parental rights, juvenile delinquency, third-party custody, multiparty custody, paternity and the complex financial/custody issues of marriage dissolution.

Berg, Debele, DeSmidt & Rabuse, P.A., is committed to providing all resources available to our clients. Our High Conflict Resolution Resources Center provides information and resources specific to the needs of families struggling with divorce, custody issues, parenting time and responsibility issues, child development and mental health services.