Alternative Dispute Resolution

Many people think there are only two options for resolving a dispute: negotiating a resolution or going to court. While those are viable options in many situations, there are considerable drawbacks to going to trial when it is not completely necessary, primarily the time, cost and emotional strife that is often involved.

Today, there are means of alternative dispute resolution available to individuals and families that wish to resolve their cases amicably. The availability of these methods of dispute resolution did not happen by accident. In fact, the law firm of Berg, Debele, DeSmidt & Rabuse, P.A., has been instrumental in creating and managing these processes in Minnesota, particularly the evolving area of cooperative law.

Pioneers of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our firm believes in finding creative solutions to difficult issues, and this goes hand in hand with our commitment to alternative dispute resolution. We are thought leaders in areas such as cooperative law and international mediation. Attorney Nancy Zalusky Berg is a sought-after voice on these issues and works with other attorneys in the Twin Cities to set standards for how these issues are handled.

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While we cannot guarantee that everyone will achieve a better or desired outcome through alternative dispute resolution, we have found that people who engage in alternative dispute resolution feel more satisfied with the outcome and find the process to be less stressful.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services in Minneapolis and St. Paul

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