Contested Adoption

Contested adoption represents a difficult practice area. Families may have a cultural context for or understanding of the basics of divorce and paternity, but few people imagine they will ever find themselves part of a contested adoption. These proceedings are often extremely emotional and frequently involve multiple family members and long-standing historical issues within the family. In addition, these cases are procedurally complex. Many contested adoption cases involve multiple parties, including the county and its social workers and attorneys; a guardian ad litem and often his/her own attorney; the biological parent or parents and their attorneys; foster parents and their attorney; and the prospective adoptive parents and their attorney. Proceedings may occur over several months and may involve difficult evidentiary issues as well as multiple hearings.

Here at Berg, Debele, DeSmidt & Rabuse, P.A., we have experience in all types of contested adoption, from those involving birth parent litigation to the complex multistage proceedings involved when litigating against a county's decision or recommendation for a child in the foster care system. Experience in this complex area of law, combined with the calm approach and rational arguments needed to succeed in this most difficult of areas, makes our team more than well-suited to meet the needs of litigants finding themselves part of a contested adoption.