Adoption Assistance or Subsidies

When kids have identifiable special needs that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, the state of Minnesota and the federal government have provided for financial assistance to parents and families who adopt these children. Known as adoption assistance or a "subsidy," this financial help can often be the difference in whether a family can or cannot provide for a needy child.

More specifically, adoption assistance programs deal with all sorts of physical, emotional and mental health needs and the contract that is entered into with the state of Minnesota should spell out the specifics of the needs of the child and the assistance agreed to before the adoption is completed. Berg, Debele, DeSmidt & Rabuse, P.A., has extensive experience reading and negotiating the terms of those contracts to best provide for the ongoing issues of the child and the family.

Typically the assistance will include medical assistance coverage as a supplement to any family insurance coverage; specific payment for such things as respite care, camp attendance, counseling and therapy expenses; and providing physical equipment to help with specific physical needs. In addition, there is usually a monthly payment to the "forever family" to cover unusual expenses related to the child's needs. The amount of this payment will depend on the severity of those needs.

There is also a provision for a one-time payment to the family to reimburse costs incurred to agencies or attorneys related to the adoption itself. This can provide the necessary backup to allow for a complete review of the "subsidy agreement" before it is signed.

BDD&R encourages you to seek the help of a qualified and experienced adoption attorney before signing any agreement and we are always available to help with those issues.